Chantecler Jewelry

The history of the brand

Chantecler is one of the most famous Italian jewelry brands in the world. It was born on the island of Capri in the encounter between two different people but with a single goal: Salvatore Aprea and Pietro Capuano. The name Chantecler it derives from Capuano who always animated the square of the small island and therefore nicknamed it in that way. The first goldsmith workshop was born in 1947 but already two years earlier, when the American president Roosevelt went to Capri, its inhabitants created a bell for him as a tribute to liberation. It later became the symbol of Chantecler since it is a lucky charm, it is the emblem of the victory of the Second World War against the Nazis but the bell dates back to a legend in which St. Michael guides a shepherd boy to the lost sheep through the clinking of a bell. All this, together with the beauty and elegance of the jewels Chantecler,made the fortune of this brand.


The bracelets of the Accessoricollection, in gold or silver, offer endless possibilities to create a distinctive, inimitable and always different style


Anima, a word that immediately communicates a concept of deep authenticity and absolute purity. The new collection represents a special encounter between the iconic symbols of the maison, in accordance with the purest Capri style


The Campanellecollection is the synthesis of all the values of the brand. Unconventional, playful and collectible, the bell has overcome eras and fashions, preserving over time the uniqueness of design and style


Where the sun meets the sea, an island is born that encloses in its rocks a beauty and an infinite strength. This is Capri known all over the world as a symbol of style, elegance and excellence and the Capriness collection enhances all these values


Long sautoir with sinuous shapes, in pearls, onyx, red coral, white coral and turquoise, illuminated by finely set diamonds, are the protagonists of the Cheriecollection. The secret of the elegance of the sautoir is a wise, imperceptible “scaling” of the spheres, the result of hours of selection and combination


The Corno,an ancient lucky charm of the Neapolitan tradition, is reinterpreted by Chantecler with an original design that welcomes the stylistic features of the typical architecture of the Mediterranean countries


The Et voilà collection thus relives the authentic spirit of Capri jewelry with, in addition, a pinch of fresh lightness in a collection that is always enriched with new emotions


Inspired by the sequins of Joan Crawford and the Dolce Vita caprese of the fifties, this Paillettescollection exudes light and vitality. It is a celebration of the joy of living through magical glows and plays of light


The Suamèm collection is a beautiful “dance” of diamonds and precious stones, on yellow or pink gold delicately engraved on the glossy surface. Lively jewels that express lightness and a sense of natural freedom and that, thanks to the skillful workmanship, evoke the embroidery of refined fabrics

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