Dodo Jewelry

The history of the brand

Unisex creations. This is the characteristic that led to become Dodo one of the most important jewelry brands. At the end of the 90s there was the desire to bring luxury closer to the youngest with gold jewelry weighing one gram and with the novelty of the modular. The idea was to create an object that, through the union of several charms Dodo,could become unique with every Dodo pendant that remembered a moment in a person’s life. The name of the brand was born in Mauritius, the place where the famous dodo bird lived, which became extinct in the seventeenth century with the colonization by the Portuguese and Spanish in the archipelago of Africa. In that place it was traditional to create necklaces with shells that then became souvenirs and this gave way to the creation of this new line of jewelry that had a huge success in the younger age group.


Stellina is the symbol most loved by DoDo fans around the world. Its shape shines in the colors of bright enamels, in shades of colored stones or shines embellished with diamonds. In every declination he always carries with him his message “He who finds me is happy”.


The creatures of nature have always been the most precious love of DoDo that, eco-conscious since birth, realizes its jewels dedicated to animals in rose, yellow or white gold and in enamelled and colored finishes or embellished with pavé of precious stones


The Cuore collection is available both in purity, in 18 kt yellow gold and one in 18 kt white gold, and in enamelled rose gold to enclose all the shades of love for her and for him: red, pink and blue.


Quintessence of minimalism, the Essentials collection is of sophisticated elegance. With a precious and lightweight design, the elegant Essentials jewelry is made to be worn alone or combined in personal combinations.


Inspired by grains of sand, Granelli is DoDo’s most iconic collection. The organic and light shapes give Granelli an irregular finish that seems to have been smoothed by the wind and the sea.


The brand has created Italian Pride,a collection of charms dressed in shades of the tricolor to celebrate Italy and its courage shown during these difficult months.


The new Natura collection consists of rings and charms that are a joyful hymn to Spring.


The circular and perfect designs of Rondelle are declined in countless combinations of jewelry. Composed of mobile and tactile ring modules, the playful nature of Rondelle has made it a Favorite of DoDo


The twelve zodiac signs of the horoscope have been reinterpreted by Dodo in as many new three-dimensional pendants in rose gold


Take five minutes to rediscover your inspiring dreams of great men and women of history.


Sparkling, lively and tinkling, Bollicine jewels combine, in a vibrant mix of materials and contrasting colors, spherical elements of different sizes that play with each other with precious refinement.

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