Locman Watches

The history of the brand

The Watch Brand Locman was born on the Island of Elba, a small territory that is part of the Tuscan archipelago. The founder Mantovani decided to place his laboratory in this place. The watches Locman they are unique thanks to the use of materials such as carbon and titanium to build resistant but also elegant products. One of the most famous collections of the brand is the Locman Montecristo. It takes the name of an island of the archipelago and are the vanguard of technology. These watches are both for men and women with the watch movement Locman automatic or quartz. The leather strap gives a touch of elegance while the resistance is given by the titanium in the case. The hands are luminescent and this is very useful for the night or in diving situations. In fact, it can reach up to 100 meters of waterproofness and the possibility of using silicone straps leads not to ruin the skin.


Elegant design, clean and essential lines, the 1960 collection interprets the atmospheres of our days, so close to those of the early sixties, the most glamorous decade ever


The entire Aviatore collection is a tribute to the classic shapes of the aviator watch and is inspired by the models in use in the early forties. The design, soft and linear, recalls the design of the on-board instrumentation of the aircraft of those years


Sporty, technological, performing: these are the watches of the Ducati collection for fans of Made in Italy and two wheels


Island is the collection that pays homage to the Island of Elba where Locman has its headquarters. A simple line but with its own identity for watches that can be worn every day, from formal to casual commitments


The Mare collection draws inspiration from the world of water sports, perfectly expressing a free and charismatic spirit that seeks true and deep contact with nature


The watches of the Montecristo collection are very famous examples of this Tuscan brand that proposes them renewed and even more technological


The Sport Anniversary collection consists of eight references, four chronographs and four quartz tempo solo, in which the dials are distinguished by graphics, played on ivory, black and blue colors with contrasting colored finishes and the Italian flag at 6 o’clock


Stealth means invisible, stealthy like a predatory feline. It is the name of a real technology, developed in the military to obtain fighter planes almost invisible to radar


The Toscano collection boasts a revolutionary case project: consisting of a single piece, without the bottom, it develops through the top according to its particular vase shape


The Tremila collection has been created according to a very advanced construction project that combines quality mechanisms with materials such as titanium, carbon, steel and rubber, known for their performance of absolute lightness and impact resistance

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