Pomellato Jewelry

The history of the brand

The Pomellato jewelry brand was born in 1967 in Milan thanks to an intuition Rabolini, heir to a family of goldsmiths. Then there was a growth of the brand to reach among the most important in Italy thanks to the original spirit and iconic style. The peculiarity of Rabolini was to bring in the world of jewelry the prêt-à-porter, i.e. the possibility of immediately wearing a ring and not waiting for the tailor-made creation for that particular customer. This is taken up by the fashion industry that in the 800 passes from the creation of clothing for the nobles with the use of fine fabrics to the production of clothes according to fixed sizes. This leads to the creation of styles and a model to follow: wear the jewels of Pomellato it meant moving away from the status symbol and showing one’s uniqueness. In fact, the brand immediately stands out for its non-conformity with respect to the canons of the time.


Sophisticated and powerful tropical-inspired creations encapsulate a world of extraordinary colours. Bahia comes to life through jewelry with unique details and irregularly cut stones.


The Maison’s iconic Brera chain becomes extremely light: an unprecedented aesthetic canon that reveals a tactile and ethereal seduction.


With its minimal style and refined simplicity, Fantina impresses with its strong identity, energetic and decisive character. Fantina is aimed at modern Amazons, women who are promoters of their own destiny who break conventions and enhance their style with an original character.


Expressing its creativity through essential creations with a Soul in Gold,Pomellato tells a story with a classic and sophisticated appeal, giving life to different shapes and glossy, matte, faceted or hammered finishes


Material, voluminous, “velvety” to the touch, the jewels of the Iconica collection tell those two opposites that meet, and that mutually complement each other, in the specificity of Pomellato: the unequivocal trait of Milanese understatement described in their essential forms, the exuberant language expressed by their combinability and transformability.


In a game of mix and match with bright tones, the different colors of M’ama non m’ama are born to express an infinity of emotions. A unique and chameleon-like style that takes inspiration from fashion and the purest feelings.


Eternal surprise of color and a simple style that amazes, Nudo represents the modern ring that all women would like.


Nuvola is a new special edition ready-to-wear collection that combines cascades of precious diamonds with Fairmined gold


Everyone has their favorite Bear, and Pomellato is no exception. The playful bear-shaped pendant represents an icon in the history of Pomellato, as well as its impertinent mascot.


Pomellato presents Ritratto,a new collection that expresses the historical values of the maison and amplifies the concept of ‘new precious’. Unconventional stones come to life on jewels with a sinuous design through meticulous craftsmanship.


The new Rouge Passion capsule collection just does not disappoint the expectations worthy of the brand. A collection of rings, earrings and pendants dedicated to three shades of red, each with its own name, with its own meaning, with its own history.


Evoking expanses of crystal clear sand caressed by the sun, the diamond-covered sand surfaces reflect rays of light. Perfect islands with natural contours of different sizes, coexist in a delicate mix with an original character.


In the Sirena collection the timeless charm of Pomellato, a leading company in the panorama of Italian jewelry.


Small round and fleshy berries, with the central stone emphasized by pavé. Tabou is intense, like a forbidden desire.


Tango is one of the most prestigious and precious collections produced by the Milanese house, which consists of a whole sequence of beautiful gold and diamond jewels, with an original and exclusive cut and finished in detail.


Charm with a dark nature and a matte finish with a unique elegance. Taking the name of the Queen of England; the first, true pioneer of total black in fashion, Victoria expresses a story with contours of mysterious and rare beauty

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