Venini objects

The history of the brand

The Murano glass of Venini it is a unique material on which the company has based all its fortune. Since 1921 he has been making authentic hand-made blown glass masterpieces that summarize the great centennial tradition that this company carries with it and a contemporary design that has maintained high quality. The authenticity of the glasses of Venini brings the balance between the excellence of the material and the product that strikes the customer’s eye. The vases of Venini they range from the most classic shape to the rounded shape of the collection Venini Balloton in which the unique processing creates a matelassé effect on the surface, that is, like a mattress shape. Iconic are also the vases of Venini handkerchief with a glass processing in order to create curves thanks to the opal technique by overlapping the glass with other thin transparent and colored overlays. All of this is done to create a porcelain-like material.


The tradition of light made in Murano continues in the Fornace, enriching itself with precious shapes and colors in the collection Classici d’Autore


Know-how craftsmanship and exceptional inventors of new forms: this is the magical formula of Collezione d’Autore to overcome every rule and design boundary


The Venini glass is characterized by the richness of colors, processing techniques and shapes. In particular the collection Heritage it is based on warm and sensual shades that enhance the material in its transparencies and shades

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